Daves Taxidermy Leopard Mount

David Butts

There are lots of choices when it comes to who to pick as your taxidermist. Some taxidermists have part-time shops with other careers that divide their time and focus. Some run chop shops that crank out cheap mounts that not only look bad, but will not hold up over time. Others had been out of work and use taxidermy to fall back on. They believe they can get into the business without any real qualifications, and have misleading web sites and feigned experience to win you over. Taxidermy isn't just my job. It's a part of who I am. It's my passion, it's my life. That's how I can guarantee such high quality, and professional work.

How I got started

After graduating from Utah State University in 1986 in fine art, I embarked in it full time until now. My commitment is to give your trophy my complete and undivided attention. No trophy is an insignificant accomplishment. It's a reminder of the hunting experience and represents a beautiful part of nature captured and preserved for you to proudly display in your home. My clients have complete access to me, my work, area, salt rooms, and display gallery. Please come visit my studio and see the quality put into each mount for yourself.